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Root canal treatment

Our root canal treatment is done without pain and in one session, and this is because we use the latest devices to clean and fill the roots, and accurately determine the length of the root canals using digital techniques.

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Fixed prosthesis

Types of dental prothesis are divided into two main types: Fixed and removable dentures. Fixed dentures are more comfortable than movable ones, in addition to the aesthetic shape and color similar to natural teeth

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Hollywood smile

A Hollywood smile is a beautiful smile like movie stars. It depends first on healthy teeth, and secondly on teeth designed specifically for each case. It is possible to visualize the final shape of the teeth

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Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings are fillings of the same color and shape of natural teeth. They are used to treat tooth decay and fractures. Fillings are made in one session, and we use composite material to make permanent and strong

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Teeth whitning

It is the quick solution to obtain white and beautiful teeth in one session. Whitening is done using the latest laser devices and whitening materials that ensure that the teeth are preserved without any sensitivity and the result lasts the longest period.

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Children teeth

The dental health of our children is what determines the health of their teeth when they grow up, that is why we take great care of children’s teeth from prevention by using preventive fillings, materials to prevent decay, to the root canal treatment

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Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment is the specialty responsible for the health of the gums and mouth. One of the most important gum treatments is cleaning and removing tartar and polishing the teeth from pigmentation resulting from lack in dental hygiene and consumption of drinks such as tea,

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Dental implants

Dental implants are the ideal solution to replace any missing or untreatable tooth. The implants are fully planned using 3D x-ray technology, which ensures that the implantation takes place as quickly as possible and without pain.

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Dental surgery

Buried wisdom tooth surgery is the ideal solution to get rid of facial pain and inflammation of the wisdom tooth, and there are no obvious damages to the extraction of the buried wisdom tooth, and it does not affect the shape of the face, and it is possible that there will be pain after the extraction of the wisdom tooth

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Dr. Ahmed Khafagi

Dr. Ahmed Kassab

About us

Dr. Ahmed Khafagi started his journey in cosmetic dentistry as a resident at the department of esthetic dentistry teaching as a staff member in the faculty of dentistry. Then completed his Master’s degree as a specialist in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry from Cairo University. Dr. Khafagi is responsible for the management of cases requiring fillings, dental bonding, crowns, veneers, smile design and full mouth rehabilitation case

Dr. Ahmed Kassab is responsible for the cases requiring immediate & urgent relief of pain. He started his training as a resident at the department of endodontics at the Faculty Of Dentistry- Ain Shams University. He then completed advanced specialization in the Master’s degree program, and further training in the field of dental surgery to manage the cases of extractions and wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Kassab found his passion in providing immediate comfort and relief of pain in a single visit which greatly improved the quality of life of our patients.

Dental Care

Toothbrush care is also an important component of a clean and healthy mouth. Dental health is a major component of maintaining a child's health.

Dental fixtures

Dental fixtures generally have many advantages, including the following: Dental fixtures of all kinds are an ideal solution to replace missing teeth, whether for the elderly.

Dental surgeries

Dental surgery is a procedure that a doctor may use to remove a tooth that cannot be repaired using fillings or other traditional procedures.

Our specialist doctors

At Professor Dental Clinic, we include a specialized and distinguished elite in the field of dental health and care

Dr. Ahmed Khafagy

Dr. Ahmed Al-Kassab


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I advised her not to do so. Because there were thousands of bad commas and wild, dazzling question marks

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I advised her not to do so. Because there were thousands of bad commas and wild, dazzling question marks

Kulis Mueller NY Citizen

I advised her not to do so. Because there were thousands of bad commas and wild, dazzling question marks

Kulis Mueller NY Citizen

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