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Root canal treatment

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment: Root canal treatment or nerve filling is one of the most popular treatments that is done as a result of severe pain and pain in the teeth and molars.

What is root canal treatment? 

Root canal treatment is a procedure during which decay is cleaned from the teeth, then the nerve channels inside the roots of teeth are cleaned. After cleaning and disinfection, biomaterials are used to fill the roots to ensure that all voids are filled and prevent the entry or formation of bacteria. Advanced biomaterials, digital radiographs and electronic devices are used instead of the traditional ones to ensure the best treatment.

When do we need to treat the roots?

One of the most important reasons for root canal treatment is the presence of severe pain that often causes headaches and the inability to sleep normally, soreness in the teeth, severe pain after filling the teeth, the presence of a swelling or abscess around teeth and gums.

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

The prices and cost of root canal treatments differ according to different teeth and molars, where the cost is usually lower in the front teeth and higher in the back molars, especially when retreating previous work. The cost of root canal treatment depends on the quality of the service, the materials used, and the experience of the doctor, whether he is a specialist or a general practitioner.


Dental surgery is the specialty responsible for dealing with cases of extraction, especially the extraction of buried wisdom teeth.

What are the causes of inflammation and symptoms of buried wisdom tooth?

The causes of pain and soreness of a buried wisdom tooth, whether in the upper or lower jaw, are usually due to the accumulation of bacteria and food around the wisdom tooth, and the presence of a buried part of the wisdom tooth leads to difficulty in cleaning the molar area, which also causes decay of the adjacent molars, and the symptoms are moderate pain Or severe, and the inability to open the mouth normally.

Is there damage to the extraction of the wisdom tooth?

Buried wisdom tooth surgery is the ideal solution to get rid of the pain and inflammation of the wisdom tooth, and there are no obvious damages to the extraction of the buried wisdom tooth, and it does not affect the shape of the face. Medical, but the pain gradually decreases until it disappears completely, provided that the post-dislocation instructions are adhered to.

What are the instructions after wisdom tooth extraction?

Post-dislocation instructions:
Forbidden :
1- Spitting or putting the tongue in the place of dislocation
2- Rinsing the mouth for 12 hours
3- Hot or hard food
4- Eating at the extraction site for 3 days
5- Smoking for 24 hours

1- After 12 hours, rinse the mouth with a cup of warm water + half a spoonful of salt 3 times a day for 5 days
2- Eating and drinking on the other side for 3 days. The food is cold and soft (bananas, yogurt, ice cream, macaroni )
3- Accurately adhere to the medication appointment to avoid pain
4- Cold compresses on the side of the dislocation for the first 24 hours after the dislocation
5- Warm compresses 24 hours after the extraction

What is the cost and price of a buried wisdom tooth extraction?

The cost of a buried wisdom tooth extraction differs according to the condition of each molar, usually the cost is lower if the tooth is prominent and clear in the jaw, and the cost increases the more complicated the surgery is as a result of the presence of the tooth buried under the tissue of the gums or jaw bones, and it is also important to choose the best doctor To extract the wisdom tooth, in order to ensure that the entire tooth is extracted without remaining or broken parts and in the shortest possible time, by using digital rays instead of traditional rays, and the existence of a safe sterilization cycle for the tools used, with periodic follow-up of the case to be reassured until full recovery.


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