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General anesthesia

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General anesthesia

General anesthesia is the ideal choice to provide dental treatments for children as soon as possible and without any psychological effects to maintain a good relationship between the child and the dentist.

What is the risk of total anesthesia?

With the advancement of medical equipment and the use of the latest technology, it has become completely safe to perform medical treatments under general anesthesia, with the help of highly experienced anesthesia consultants to ensure the quality and safety of anesthesia.

What are the benefits of general anesthesia?

Children are usually afraid of visiting the dentist, and parents are reluctant to visit the dentist because of the children’s resistance and the presence of previous bad experiences. The doctor also faces difficulties in conducting treatments well due to the children’s lack of cooperation. Therefore, the best solution for children’s treatment is total anesthesia, where All treatments are provided in one session, without pain or creating any negative experiences in children, while ensuring the quality and sustainability of the treatments provided


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