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Periodontal treatment

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Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment is the specialty responsible for the health of the gums and mouth. One of the most important gum treatments is cleaning and removing tartar and polishing the teeth from pigmentation resulting from lack in dental hygiene and consumption of drinks such as tea, coffee and smoking. Teeth deep cleaning maintain the health of the gums and eliminate bad breath.

Are there any damages after removing tartar from the teeth?

There is no harm in cleaning the teeth from calcareous deposits, as some may think that it helps in fixing the teeth, but the accumulation of tartar leads to inflammation of the tissues supporting the teeth, the destruction of the jaw bones, and the formation of a gum abscess.

When should a cleaning and teeth polishing session be done?

You should visit the dentist and do periodic removal of tartar and polish the teeth every 4 or 6 months as a maximum, in order to maintain the health of the teeth and gums, avoid bad mouth odor and it also helps in the early detection of any decay or problems in the teeth.

How to treat a gummy smile or gum contouring?

A gummy smile is the appearance of a large part of the gums when smiling, which makes the teeth appear short and small. The process of gum contouring is the ideal solution, by removing the excess part of the gums, to obtain a natural and beautiful smile.


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