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Cosmetic fillings

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Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings are fillings of the same color and shape of natural teeth. They are used to treat tooth decay and fractures. Fillings are made in one session, and we use composite material to make permanent and strong dental fillings. Laser fillings are used to beautify the front teeth and close spaces between the teeth to prevent food from gathering between the molars.

When do we need fillings?

One of the most important reasons for making fillings is the feeling of pain and sensitivity when eating food that contain sugar, such as sweets, or when drinking water or cold beverages, and the pain is usually momentary and does not last for long periods. One of the most common reasons is the complaint of food getting stuck between the molars and teeth, or the presence of black cavities on the molars. We also use cosmetic laser fillings to replace old fillings or improve a smile and beautify the front teeth.


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